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Weight Puzzle Index
Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameDifficulty LevelVisit Count
Weight001 Which one is Heavier or Lighter?260011
Weight002 12 Ounces of soft drink233466
Weight003 Which egg is lighter?134039
Weight004 Can you make up 40 grams?223079
Weight005 Which coin is heavier?122838
Weight006 Which piece of gold is lighter?219175
Weight007 Separate soft drink into 3 equal parts217062
Weight008 Separate into 2 bags of sault214972
Weight009 Can you make up 3 units of soft drink in each of the smaller pitches?213184
Weight010 Can you get 4 pints of water from the brook?114006
Weight011 Is there a defected wrench?213069
Weight012 Can you divide 300 grams medicine into 2 groups?212781
Weight013 Can you divide 300 grams medicine into 3 groups?112419
Weight014 How to measure 16 minutes using 2 hourglasses?320591
Weight015 Sharing the peanut oil224999
Weight016 Water Measurement with Vases2108