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Logic Puzzle Index
Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameDifficulty LevelVisit Count
Logic001 Gentlemen and Ties1305837
Logic002 Triplet Brothers1163421
Logic003 Life door or Death door3205974
Logic004 Boxes of Apples and Oranges2133151
Logic005 Did he tell the truth?1102554
Logic006 What are the next 2 numbers?297975
Logic007 Where do other alphabets go?168800
Logic008 What is the next number?268130
Logic009 Whom did Allan love?281741
Logic010 Logic box with alphabets157594
Logic011 Grouping Letters149247
Logic012 What is the color of my horse?161204
Logic013 How old are they?269539
Logic014 Who was the thief?160952
Logic015 Who was the thief this time?143979
Logic016 Who stole the jewelry?149029
Logic017 Who stole the clock?146330
Logic018 Who is older? Brother or Sister?148582
Logic019 Red and white balls in the bags250863
Logic020 What is the color of the hat?263856
Logic021 Black sticker or white sticker?233966
Logic022 Horse, Donkey and Camel232537
Logic023 How can he prove this conclusion? 227975
Logic024 Do you want to switch box A for Box C?123068
Logic025 Who is taller? Jim or Henry?228603
Logic026 Put 4 digits between 4 digits124805
Logic027 How many Fridays at 13th can we have in a year?225225
Logic028 Which two girls are honest?227199
Logic029 Lucky fall, What are the other 2 cards?226883
Logic030 Sailors, monkey and coconuts361996
Logic031 On what date did I visit my teacher?151853
Logic032 Are they married?198243