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Puzzle NumberPuzzle NameUpdate Date
Misc018 Cut each 6 x 6 squares into 2 parts with a, b, c, d each6/3/2018
Misc017 Cut each 6 x 6 square into 4 parts with one golden ball each6/3/2018
Misc015 Cut the figure into 4 pieces from a cross to form a square6/3/2018
Misc014 Cut the figure into 4 different pieces to form a square6/3/2018
Misc013 Cut the figure into 4 pieces to form a perfect square6/3/2018
Misc012 Cut out a smaller symmetric Greek cross.6/3/2018
Misc011 Place the quarter in the middle6/3/2018
Misc010 Is there a spot like this around south pole?6/3/2018
Logic019 Red and white balls in the bags6/3/2018
Logic013 How old are they?6/3/2018
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